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Apprenticeships For Teens

Workshop.Life is a place where motivated young people come to learn the skills they need to succeed, at work and in life.

A place to Discover

An immersive learning opportunity for kids 12 and up who seek engaging after-school alternatives

A place to Excel

The modern-day space, tools, and hands-on mentoring for young innovators to collaborate and create

A place to Grow

The essential communication, responsibility, and leadership skills required in demanding workplace

the challenge

Solving The Critical Issues Families Face Every Day

Excessive Screen Time

Kids age 8-18 spend 7-hrs daily looking at screens. The results are sedentary behaviors lacking in eye-to-eye human contact, higher rates of obesity, anxiety, depression and an array of social disorders.

Lack of Tactile Engagement

Many schools no longer offer immersive learning opportunities. Drafting, woodworking, and metal shop were once mainstays. Millions of kids learn best when they’re physically engaged. They need more than a classroom.

Social Isolation

Too many teens have become socially isolated under the overwhelming role of media and technology. Many are lacking the emotional “soft-skills” required to succeed in today’s collaborative environments.


Not every young person strives to be a computer scientist or software developer. Today’s emphasis on STEM-based learning is a significant step. Too many kids, however, are left behind. Workshop.Life addresses the full array of skill-sets required for every kid to succeed, far beyond the traditional classroom environment.


A Comprehensive


We believe there is a leader and innovator in all of us. We aim to find it. Our young Innovators work in small teams with pre-defined milestones, timelines and accountabilities, similar to today’s actual work environment.

21st Century Skill-Development

Modern day hard skills

Engineering, Architecture, 3D Printing, Laser Etching, Robotics, Modern Building, Wood, Metal, Composites, Advanced Electronics

Essential soft skills

Communication, Planning, Decision Making, Teamwork, Problem solving, Empathy, Collaboration, Responsibility, Adaptability

Get Involved. Join the Cause

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

Connect with Us, Work with Us, Grow with Us

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